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Our Work
Donated Books to - Schools
  • Bloomfield Hills Schools
    • ESL Class at West Hills Middle School
    • ESL Class at Lone Pine Elementary School
    • West Hills Book Fair
  • Rochester Community Schools
    • ACE High School
    • Meadow Brook Elementary School
    • Hamlin Elementary School
    • Delta Kelly Elementary School
    • McGregor Elementary School
    • Brooklands Elementary School
    • Long Meadow Elementary School
    • Musson Elementary School
    • Hampton Elementary School
    • North Hill Elementary School
    • Brewster Elementary School
  • Noor Academy at IAGD
  • Sitara School and Teachers' Institute (Pakistan)
  • Carman-Ainsworth High School (Flint, MI)
  • Collins Elementary School (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Central Academy (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Raindrop Turkish Center (Houston, TX) 
  • Valley Park Middle School (Toronto, Canada)
  • Association des Musulmans de Versailles (Versailles, France)
  • Ammar Mosque and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Phoenix Primary School (London, England)
Donated Books to - Libraries
  • Rochester Hills Public Library
  • Auburn Hills Public Library
  • Lake Orion Public Library
  • Troy Public Library
  • Bloomfield Township Public Library
  • West Bloomfield Public Library
  • Warren Public Library
  • Pontiac Public Library
  • Clawson Public Library
Worked with PTA of Rochester Community Schools to collect almost 200 books to add to 21 school media centers
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